Gaby Cavalcanti

My name is Gaby
...and I love taking photos. 

I am wife to an amazing man and mommy to two beautiful little girls. They inspire me, encourage me to be better and fill my life with love and laughter!

I picked up my first camera (a Pentax K-1000, which I still own and plan to keep forever!) over 10 years ago and rare is the day that I don’t shoot at least a few photos.

I have a background on Fine Art Photography, which means even in my commercial work I instinctively look for real and spontaneous moments. I'm always searching for interesting places, faces and light.

I love photographs because they represent present, past and future all in one and, like people, no two photos are exactly the same.

I love sunrises and sunsets, light peeking thru windows, through blinds and through trees. I love reflections on windows, mirrors and puddles. I love shadows cast on people and objects. 

I'm inspired by true and intimate relationships and I love to capture these deepest of emotions in my photographs. My hope is that as I capture those moments, I’ll be able to give my clients a record of memories that they will cherish forever.

I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese... hoping to learn French some day : )

I'm based in Seattle, WA and available to travel worldwide!