Gaby Cavalcanti

My name is Gaby
...and I love taking photos. 

I picked up my first camera (a Pentax K-1000, which I still own and plan to keep forever!) many years ago as a beginning art student and I been fascinated by photography ever since! Rare is the day that I don’t shoot at least a few photos.

My background on Fine Art Photography helps me infuse an artistic vision into every photographic project I embark on. It also means that even in my commercial work I instinctively look for real and spontaneous moments. I'm always searching for interesting places, faces and light.

I love photographs because they are an honest expression of the present, the past and the future, all at the same time, and like people, no two photos are exactly the same.

I’m inspired by sunrises and sunsets, light peeking thru windows, blinds and trees. I love reflections on windows, mirrors and puddles, as well as, shadows cast on people and objects. And I always look forward to documenting true and intimate relationships for my clients. Capturing these deepest of emotions makes my job so rewarding! My hope is that as I capture special moments, I’ll be able to give my clients a record of memories they will cherish forever.

I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese... hoping to learn French some day : )

I'm based in Seattle, WA and available to travel worldwide!