Fine Art School Portraits - The village schoolhouse

School portrait day - October 25th, 2018

Gaby Cavalcanti Photography will be doing school portraits at The Village Schoolhouse on Thursday October 25th 2018. Here are a few suggestions/tips on how to help prepare your child for the day, as well as, information of our school photography process.

before picture day

1. Make sure your child gets a good night's sleep. A well rested child is a happy child ;)

2. Feed your child a nutritious breakfast and remember to wash that yummy breakfast off their face! 

3. Have them help you select their clothes ahead of time, chances are, if they are excited about what they are wearing, they will have more fun during portrait time. However, please keep in mind that: 

The best colors for pictures are bright but try to avoid pure white.

Please avoid large logos, hoodies, or sweatshirts.

Clothing that shows off lovely detail in the shoulder area looks great in photographs.

Jewelry can be distracting, our advice is to avoid necklaces or thick bracelets.

on picture day

Gaby Cavalcanti Photography will be on campus on October 25th at 9am.

All children who attend school on portrait day will be photographed.

We will be working individually with every child, for about 2-3 mins.

after picture day

Gaby Cavalcanti will select the best 3-5 photographs of your child(dren)

Selected photographs will be posted to an online gallery about 4 weeks after school portrait day.

You will receive an email with access to your child's gallery where you can complete your photo order online. Photo galleries will be available for 10 days.

if you have additional questions, please send an email to