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Momtography 101 - Weekly photography tips

Momtography 101 - Weekly photography tips

Welcome to the first installment of Momtography 101 . A series of blog posts where I will be sharing a weekly basic photo tip, to help you capture photos of your life in a more beautiful way!  I hope you will find this and future tips helpful and that each one will encourage you to go out there and shoot more of your life. 

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Letters to our daughters - January selects

The "Letters To our Daughters" project is a circle of letters written by a select group of "momtographers" to their daughters. We write a letter every month. This is my second year participating in the project, and I am so excited to share my work with you, but instead of posting the letter here, I thought I would share my favorite shots of the month on this blog. To read my  letter you can visit my new blog When Words Are Not Enough, which is dedicated to showcase mypersonal projects and experimental work.

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the work!


first day of preschool

To read my letter and see more photos visit my personal blog "When Words Art Not Enough"

Originally posted on January 2014. As part of my new website launch, I'll be republishing some of my favorite old posts and sessions. I hope you enjoy looking at all the work!