Momtography 101 lesson #3:

This is lesson 3 of my Momtography 101 educational posts. I'm so glad you are are here! If you missed lesson 1  and/or lesson 2 of this series you can catch up right here.

tip #3
Believe that there is beauty to be captured on your everyday.

We see them everywhere, beautiful photographs of leaves, an eclectic street sign, the reflection in a puddle, out of focus lights, selfies of shoes walking on some carpet in an airport somewhere, untidy kitchens, crayon marks, painted toes...or carpets, a child's messy name it!

Now think about the moment when these photos were taken. Chances are that there was nothing particularly amazing about that day. Only a person with a camera who serendipitously found beauty and couldn't help but document it. Could this person be you? I believe it can.

I wish there was some formula that you can apply here, but truthfully, you kinda have to go with your gut on this one. Knowing about the rule of thirds and thinking about how you are composing your shot will help you, but the most important thing is to capture the moment with honesty. When something inside of you prompts you to get your camera (any camera!) and take a photo, don’t ignore it! Heed the call! And to that I would add, always include a key element, pay attention to where the light is coming from, and...yes.... try to refrain from asking your subject to say “cheese”

As you take more and more photos of seemingly mundane moments, you will find yourself weeding out the good ones from the ones that missed the mark. It's a process, so give it time. Just remember that you are not just taking a photo, you are telling a story.

Happy Shooting!

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