Momtography 101 - Weekly photography tips

Welcome to the first installment of Momtography 101 . A series of blog posts where I will be sharing a basic photo tip, to help you capture photos of your life in a more beautiful way!  I hope you will find this and future tips helpful and that each one will encourage you to go out there and shoot more of your life. 


#1 - Take the time to get to know your camera

Think about your camera as a good think about a good friend in real life. When you first became friends, did it take a little time to feel comfortable with each other? Did you spend time getting to know your friend's likes and dislikes? Did your friend gain your trust every time he/she delivered on his/her promise or when you noticed how dependable he/she was? I'm pretty sure the answer to all these questions is Yes!

Well...your camera is like that friend. You need to get to know it better to discover what kind of results to expect every time you take a picture. 

Now, keep in mind that different types of camera will provide different results. Once you figure out what your equipment can handle, you will know what to expect and can concentrate on capturing moments and telling stories with your photos... And you will certainly avoid feeling frustrated because you were expecting your camera to shoot a certain way when it’s just not mechanically possible.

Here are a few questions that can help you examine and discover the possibilities and limitations of the equipment you already own.

  1. What type of camera do you own (DSLR, SLR, point and shoot, mobile device)?
  2. Does your camera have the option to switch lenses?
  3. Can you control how fast the shutter opens and closes? 
  4. Are there any available accessories that would give you more creative control?
  5. Does your camera allow you to shoot in low light situations without using your flash?
  6. Is there a delay between the time you press the shutter button and when the camera actually takes your photo?

Asking these questions will be a good starting point to get you thinking about the inner workings of your camera. And it will most importantly, help you make adjustments to the way you shoot. Once you take the time to get to know your equipment, I promise you...your camera will love you back! ;)


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